Are you a trader who is struggling with undercapitalization? Do you find it hard to make the profits you want because you don’t have enough funding?

If that’s the case, you should know about Surge Trader. As a member of the Valo Holdings Group family of companies, Surge Trader offers a one-stop funding model for traders.

Its goal is to help profitable traders overcome their biggest challenge: undercapitalization. Keep reading this Surge Trader review to learn more about what makes this company unique.

How Does Surge Trader Work?

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At Surge Trader, their vision is to help traders achieve their full potential through accelerated funding. They recognize that funding and access to larger accounts are essential elements that can contribute to a trader’s success. Surge Trader aims to enable traders to reach new heights in their careers by offering trader funding.

Surge Trader’s funding

Surge Trader offers a range of trading account sizes, from $25,000 to $1,000,000. The larger the account, the more funds you have available to use for trades and build your portfolio. Access to more funding allows traders to grow and increase profits while enabling traders to take on new trading strategies and dive into new markets.

Audition process

Surge Trader has an audition process to ensure that each trader they work with has the potential to succeed. During the audition process, Surge Trader evaluates a trader’s skills and potential, looking for a solid foundation in trading and the ability to adapt to different market conditions. Through this process, Surge Trader sets traders up for success by ensuring that all traders they work with have the ability and drive to thrive.

Importance of access to funding

Access to funding is crucial for all traders, no matter their level of experience. Without funding, traders may be unable to grow their portfolios or take advantage of opportunities in the market.

Surge Trader recognizes that many traders may not have access to large amounts of capital or struggle to secure funding through traditional means. Surge Trader provides a solution for traders looking to take their trading to the next level by using prop trading firms and offering trader funding.

Funding Program Options

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Surge Trader has a suite of account tiers for traders at all levels. With six different accounts ranging from $25K to $1Million in assets, each tier gives access to leverage of up to 20:1 for Forex and Metals trading.

  1. The Starter package provides $25,000 in capital

  2. The Intermediate package provides $50,000 in capital

  3. The Seasoned package provides $100,000 in capital

  4. The Advanced package provides $250,000 in capital

  5. The Expert package provides $500,000 in capital

  6. The Master package provides $1,000,000 in capital

All account tiers share key metrics, like the 10% profit target, 6% maximum drawdown, and 5% daily loss limit.

You can increase the profit share from the standard 75% to 90% and the leverage from 10:1 to 20:1 by making add-on purchases.

How Much Does Surge Trader Cost?

The one-time audition fee is all you’ll ever need to pay. There are no hidden troubles – no recurring monthly fees. This only-once payment ensures traders are dedicated to the process and motivated to achieve profitable, disciplined trading practices.

Furthermore, this limits the risk of loss for traders, as Surge Trader will cover any losses incurred on a funded trader account.

The audition fee amount varies depending on your account size.

  1. For the Starter ($25,000) fee is $250

  2. For the Intermediate ($50,000) fee is $400

  3. For the Seasoned ($100,000) fee is $700

  4. For the Advanced ($250,000) fee is $1,800

  5. For the Expert ($500,000) fee is $3,500

  6. For the Master ($1,000,000) fee is $6,500


  • Trading capital options are adequate for every need

  • Legit company

  • Good customer service

  • Excellent educational material

  • Profit share is generous (75% to 90%)

  • Trading rules are simple and clear
  • No hidden fees

  • There are no time limits or minimum trading days


  • While there are no other fees than for the audition, the spread is high, so results are worsened

  • The rules are very demanding, and the risk of violating them is high

  • Additional costs (paying for audition again) for violating the hard rules

  • Positions cannot be held over the weekend

  • Other trading platforms than MetaTrader would be welcome

  • Not for newbies

How Does the Surge Trader Audition Process Work?

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The Surge Trader audition process starts with an intensive review of your portfolio and financial background. This ensures that you are serious about investing and understand the fundamentals behind financial trading.

Then, you must pass a paid interview, where the proposers can get insight into your trading strategies and risk appetite. After passing this step, you will be considered an official trader with the company. This process sets Surge Trader apart from other prop trading companies, which allow traders access to their accounts without review.

How Do You Pass the Surge Trader Audition?

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Passing the Surge Trader audition can be daunting, as you are tasked with hitting 10% profit targets without any constraints or trading day minimums. The auditions usually can last just a few or 100 hours, depending on the situation. You must follow all of the rules for the audition.

If you do not, you might not be allowed to participate. Luckily, Surge Trader’s rules are generally simpler than most pro companies’, falling into two main categories; “hard” and “soft” rules.

The three hard rules (profit target, daily loss, max drawdown) should always be adhered to, even when it may not appear that a breach will ever affect your entire audition process. Make sure to keep these in mind as you make your way through the assessment!

Financial Instruments Available

Over 350 financial instruments are available to traders. These instruments collectively hold a value of 450 million and include a range of markets. This makes Surge Trader a versatile platform for traders of all kinds, regardless of their preferred trading strategies.

From the recent news, there will be an upcoming integration with XRP that will provide access to over 200 trading instruments and numerous types of cryptocurrency. The array of financial instruments available is pretty extensive.

What Broker Does Surge Trader Use?

Surge Trader partners with a broker, EightCap, to let traders operate in the market. Established in 2008, EightCap is a licensed ASIC brokerage firm in Melbourne, Australia.

The company has five international offices, allowing clients to trade in various markets. Their goal is to offer exceptional financial services to their customers.

With a Trust rating of 73%, EightCap is categorized as an average risk broker. They offer two types of accounts: raw and standard, with varying commissions and fees for each.

Standard account spreads, and raw account commissions depend on the type of account selected.

What Trading Platforms Can You Use with Surge Trader?

The company provides traders access to two of the top trading platforms in the industry – MT4 and MT5. These platforms are known for their robust capabilities and user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for traders to execute trades, analyze market trends, and monitor real-time positions. MT 4 is known for its user-friendly interface and is a popular choice among traders, while MT 5 offers additional features for those looking for more advanced trading options.

What Are the Opinions of Surge Trader Users?

truspilot reviews

The user opinion is essential for determining if any prop trading firm is good. We start by evaluating one of the relevant portal sites in the platform, Trustpilot. It also appears that the firm received an average of 4.3 at the time of writing, a number considered high compared to similar other proprietary trading firms and brokers.

The good

  • Surge Trader offers traders the chance to participate in contests with cash prizes based in the US

  • They provide optional trading tutors and recommended lot sizes based on current live traders with the same account size

  • Clients can trust them more than their government due to their commitment to security and quality of service

  • Customers recommend Surge Trader for its easy-to-understand rules and no time limit

  • They appreciate the dashboard, which displays all the necessary information and statistics to enhance their trading skills

  • Reviews praise their customer service, signals, educational resources, platform reliability, professional team, and fast withdrawals

  • Surge Trader provides excellent customer support with quick and helpful responses

  • Their educational resources are beginner-friendly and excellent for new traders

The bad

  • Some customers believe Surge Trader’s platform could be more modern and responsive than MT5

  • Customers have requested an option to hold positions overnight to avoid closing them every Friday by 3:55 pm

  • Cryptocurrency trading is not allowed on the weekend

  • One customer has had a positive experience, enjoying the Surge Trader dashboard and finding it easy to understand the rules. However, learning the platform’s controls has been a hurdle

  • Customers have complained about the high spreads on stocks, making it challenging to meet the auditions. Other prop firms have much better spreads, so customers should exercise caution before investing

Other FAQs

Is getting Surge Trader capital realistic?

You need to choose a firm that matches your trading style. For example, if you want to make more money with a 0% maximum payout, Surge Trader might be the right option for you.

However, based on the provided capital, it is realistic that you could make 10% or more in profits from the funded trading account with the right trading strategy.

Is Surge Trader real?

Experienced Forex traders and investment advisors founded the company in May 2020, and it has become an exclusive trader for Surge Capital Ventures LLC.

Is Surge Trader regulated?

The company complies with all relevant laws and regulations and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.

Legit and Transparent Company, but Not for Newbies

After personally experiencing Surge Trader‘s services, I can confidently say that it’s a great prop firm suitable for a range of traders. The trading capital options are more than adequate, and the company is legitimate, offering excellent customer service and educational materials. The profit share is generous, ranging from 75% to 90% with no hidden fees, and the rules are simple and clear, while there are no time limits or minimum trading days.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider. The high spread reduces the trading results and makes it more challenging to meet the audition criteria (a 10% profit target is manageable but hard to hit consistently).

At the same time, the strict rules increase the risk of a violation and related additional costs, such as paying for the audition again. You cannot hold positions over the weekend, so that will limit your trading strategies.

I don’t particularly like MetaTrader, which is the only platform available. It’s important to note that Surge Trader is not recommended for newbies, but experienced traders who can handle the strict rules and high spread will find it to be an excellent choice.

Surge Trader Alternatives

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