Mint is one of the most popular financial budgeting software programs available today.

It is easy to use and helps you keep track of all your incoming and outgoing money transactions in one place.

You can add your bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and other accounts to Mint, and the software will give you alert messages to help you manage your bills so that you never miss a payment.

The major drawback of Mint is that sometimes you may face syncing issues, and it also lacks some advanced features that other budgeting software programs offer.

Mint is overall a great personal finance tool, but it’s not the only one out there. In fact, there are quite a few Mint alternatives that offer unique features and benefits.

What Are the Best Mint Alternatives?

If you’re looking for a new budgeting tool or just want to explore your options, check out these best Mint alternatives in the present day.

They’re all worth considering!

Personal Capital

personal capital overview


Are you looking for a comprehensive financial management solution?

Personal Capital is more than just a budgeting tool. You can use it to track your net worth, monthly cash flow, and how your finances have changed over time.

You’ll appreciate our excellent interface and professional look. Plus, our software is packed with features that will help you take control of your finances.

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Top features and benefits

-Excellent interface: Personal Capital has a very professional and polished look, which is important for managing your finances. You want to be able to view your information in a way that is easy to understand and makes sense to you.

-It is not only a budgeting tool: Personal Capital also offers investment and retirement planning options, which can be helpful if you are looking for more comprehensive advice.

-Robo-advisor: If you have over $100,000 in assets, you can take advantage of their robo-advisor service, which will manage your portfolio for you.

-Clean dashboard: With all your financial information in one place, Personal Capital makes it easy to see where you stand financially, all on one screen.

-Customized financial plan: Personal Capital takes into account your specific financial situation and offers tailored advice for improving your situation.

-Good customer support: If you ever have any questions or need help with anything, the customer support team is available 24/7.


Personal Capital is free to use for financial management. Fees will apply for investment and wealth management services.

Bottom line

Personal Capital is a good Mint alternative in the areas where Mint falls short.

So if you are looking for an all-in-one solution, Personal Capital is the software you should go for.

It offers comprehensive financial management tools, including budgeting, investment and retirement planning, and robo-advisor service.

Its interface is very user-friendly and its customer support is always available to help with any questions or problems you may have.

Plus, it’s free to use!

Money Patrol

money patrol overview


Money Patrol is an app that can help you budget your money and stay in control of your finances.

Money Patrol offers a variety of features that make it easy for you to track your spending, monitor your monthly expenses, and also keep tabs on your investments.

With Money Patrol, you’ll have everything you need to take control of your finances and stay ahead of your budget. Plus, the app is available as both a desktop and mobile version, so you can access it wherever you go.

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Top features and benefits

-Money Patrol is an advanced budgeting app that lets you set spending goals and project expenses, which can be very helpful in managing your finances.

-The app also sends alerts and insights about your monthly expenses so that you are always updated on how you are doing financially.

-It can track investments and 401k/Roth IRA contributions when connected to those accounts, which can be very helpful for people trying to save for the future.

-The app has a user-friendly and efficient visual dashboard, which makes it easy to control your finances at first sight.

-It does all the heavy lifting of expense tracking, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of everything manually.

-You can cancel the subscription anytime, which is a plus.


You can start with a 15-day free trial; then the pricing for Money Patrol is a yearly payment of $59.99 but if you choose to settle a monthly payment then it’s $4.99 per month.

Bottom line

Money Patrol is a good app for people who want to be in control of their finances, like savvy spenders and investors. It’s also good for people with student loans because they can track how much they’re paying each month. These features make it one of the best alternatives to Mint.

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

YNAB overview


Are you looking for a unique and uncommon way to approach personal budgeting?

YNAB differs from other tools and apps because it follows a four-rule method that aims to organize personal finance, reduce debt and reach financial goals.

If you feel the urge for peace of mind and financial security, you can achieve that by using YNAB.

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Top features and benefits

-YNAB is not only a budgeting app but a proven method to use your budget to make better spending decisions.

– Multiple bank accounts and credit card connection options.

When managing your finances, it is important to have as much information as possible at your fingertips. With YNAB, you can connect multiple bank accounts and credit cards to track all your transactions in one place. This makes it easy to see where your money is going and how much money you have available to spend.

-It has a huge knowledge base and numerous tutorials.

YNAB is packed with resources to help beginners learn about personal finance and budgeting. The knowledge base is huge and there are plenty of tutorials available that can walk you through the process step by step.

-YNAB makes you more responsible for your spending choices. When you are using the YNAB method, you are required to assign every dollar to a job. This means that you are more mindful of each and every purchase that you make and how it will affect your budget as a whole.

-It is aimed at helping beginners. If you are new to budgeting or personal finance, YNAB is a great place to start.

-It helps in getting out of debt. It is one of the main goals of YNAB. Using this app can provide you with the tools and resources necessary to achieve this goal.


YNAB starts with a 34-day trial period then it’s $14.99 per month or $98.99 if paid annually.

Bottom line

This product is very different from other tools and apps. You should try YNAB if you want to approach personal budgeting uniquely and uncommonly. It has a proven method that can help beginners, and it also helps in getting out of debt.


wally overview


Wally is a mobile app that can help you take control of your monthly income and expenses.

Wally is extremely user-friendly and offers superior security with all the best encryption technologies.

With Wally, you can track joint accounts and manage shared finances with family, friends, flatmates, and colleagues.

Download Wally for free today!

Top features and benefits

-The app can track joint accounts and manage shared finances with family, friends, flatmates, and colleagues. It allows people to easily keep track of their finances and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

-It is extremely user-friendly. This is important because it makes it easy for people to use the app and understand how it works.

-It offers superior security with all the best encryption technologies keeping people’s data safe and secure.

-The app is global! You can sync credit cards and financial institutions with 15,000 banks in more than 70 countries. People can use the app all over the world.

-It is free to use so anyone can try it.

-It is recommended by multiple personal finance experts, bloggers, and many publications. The app is trusted and respected by experts in the field.


It is completely free, which makes it one of the best. Some features may be expanded with in-app purchases.

Bottom line

Wally is one of the best budgeting apps and it is totally free. If you are an iOS user, Wally offers a complete budgeting solution at your fingertips.


tiller overview


Do you want to be able to manage your finances effectively?

Tiller is the perfect budgeting tool for anyone who wants complete control over their financial data. It’s based entirely on spreadsheets and connects to more than 21,000 banks, so you can customize it to suit your specific needs.

You’ll have top-rated customer support and a dedicated community behind you every step of the way. Plus, there are no ads in this software!

Sign up for a free trial of Tiller today and see how powerfully you can get your finances under control!

Top features and benefits

-It allows a high level of customization and a lot of templates to choose from. You will always find a template that suits your needs perfectly.

-It connects to more than 21,000 banks, so you can easily import your financial data. It is more likely your financial institution will be compatible.

-In conjunction with a dedicated community there is top-rated customer support, so you can always get help if you need it.

-It is for anyone who loves spreadsheets.

-Software has a better automatic categorization than the most common apps and it is possible to have customized categories.

-You can enjoy the experience without any ads. You will be annoyed no more.


The pricing for Tiller is $79/year, which is equal to $6.58/month. This makes it a very affordable option for budgeting and financial management.

Bottom line

Tiller is an excellent budgeting tool that offers a high level of customization and connectivity. It is perfect for anyone who wants to have complete control over their financial data, and the pricing is very affordable.

Simplifi by Quicken

simplifi overview


Are you looking for a powerful yet simple way to manage your budget?

Simplify was created by the same company famous for Quicken. It was developed with the aim to provide an easy and quick way to manage cash flow. As the name says, Simplifi is really a simple budgeting app that can help you reach your financial goals.

Four budgeting methods are available, including zero-based budgeting. Spending Plan functionality forecasts your income and fixed expenses for the month. Set and check specific spending targets with watchlists.

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Top features and benefits

-Four budgeting methods available are important because they cater to different users with different needs. This ensures that everyone can find a method that works for them.

-Spending Plan functionality forecasting your income and fixed expenses is important because it helps you stay on top of your finances and avoid any surprises.

-The ability to set and check specific spending targets with watchlists. This is important because it helps you stay on track and meet your financial goals.

-The excellent user experience makes using the app easy and pleasurable. This encourages users to stick with it, which leads to better financial outcomes.

-Meaningful reports are provided to users with information on how they are doing financially. This allows them to make adjustments where necessary in order to improve their situation.

-It’s cheap so it is accessible to many people.


A trial of 30 days is offered then it’s $5.99 per month. Alternatively, you can save 33% of the price when billed annually.

Bottom line

The Simplify app is a great option for those looking for an easy-to-use budgeting and expense-tracking tool. It may not be the most advanced app in the world but its power lies in offering a simple and user-friendly interface, as well as comprehensive reporting tools. Additionally, the app is relatively affordable, making it a great value for the price.


pocketsmith overview


Are you looking for a powerful financial tool?

PocketSmith is not only like a personal financial assistant but also a powerful financial forecast tool for business users. The interesting thing is it can predict your financial future based on your current data.

You can use PocketSmith to forecast your finances and create cash projections in minutes. Plus, you can test multiple financial outcomes with What-if scenarios.

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Top features and benefits

-PocketSmith is a powerful financial forecasting tool that can help businesses predict their financial future based on their current data.

-PocketSmith can import all your accounts, transactions, and categories from Mint which makes it easy to get started with budgeting. It makes it easy to get started with using the app if you switched from Mint.

-With PocketSmith you can test multiple financial outcomes with What-if scenarios. This is a valuable feature as it allows you to explore different financial scenarios and make the best decisions for your finances.

-The app has excellent budgeting features which can help users stay on track with their finances.

-The net worth tracker is automatically calculated in PocketSmith so it’s easy to track the progress over time.

-PocketSmith supports multiple bank accounts from different countries and multiple currencies and eliminates the hassle of managing multiple wallets.


There are three plans available. The Basic Plan is free and offers the possibility of approaching budgeting for the first time. The most popular is the Premium Plan at $9.95 per month or $7.50 when paid annually and has all the functionalities. Last is the Super Plan at $19.95 per month $14.16 when paid annually and adds unlimited accounts.

Bottom line

Pocketsmith is a good personal finance app for anyone who wants to always keep an eye on their finances or someone who is overwhelmed by a great amount of different financial accounts that need to be managed all in one place.

Is Mint Still the Best?

For years, Mint has been the go-to financial tracking app for many people.

It’s simple to use and provides a lot of useful features, like the ability to track your spending, create budgets, and see where you can save money.

However, Mint is not the only game in town anymore. There are now a number of other apps that offer similar or even more advanced features.

Is Mint or Simplifi better?

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a personal finance app.

Do you want something that is simple and straightforward, or do you need something with more advanced features?

Do you mind paying for the app, or do you prefer a free option? When it comes to Mint and Simplifi, it really depends on your personal needs.

If you are looking for a handy solution that is easy to use, Simplifi is the best choice.

However, if you need more advanced features and don’t mind seeing ads, Mint is a good option.

Ultimately, the best personal finance app for you is the one that meets your specific needs.

Is There a Better Budgeting App than Mint?

Yes, there are many valid options but when it comes to choosing a budgeting app, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It all depends on your specific needs and preferences.

There are free and paid options available, some are very different from Mint while others offer a similar experience with a few extra features.

We’ve highlighted some of the best Mint alternatives to help you decide which budgeting app is right for you.

So what would be your personal pick?

(If you need to manage your money and investments, try Betterment or some Betterment alternatives.)